Résumés Année 1995

"A molecular Approach to Organic Solids: Molecular Recognition of Arene Sulfonate by a Bis-Cyclic Amidinium in the Solid State"

G. BRAND, M; W. HOSSEINI, R. RUPPERT, A. DE CIAN, J. FISCHER, N. KYRITSAKAS, New J. Chem. , 19, 9-13, 1995.

Abstract : Structural analysis of two bis-cyclic amidinium 1 and 2 tosylate salts were performed in the solid state. Whereas for 1-2TsOH (1=1,2-Bis(2'-tetrahydropyrimidyl)ethane) the dication was centrosymmetric, in the case of 2-2TsOH (2=(1,2-Bis(2'-dihydroglyoxalinyl)ethane) no element of symmetry was observed. In the solid state, the bis amidinium moiety of 1-2H+ displayed molecular recognition of the tosylate anion by bridging in a centrosymmetric fashion two of the latter by two sets of two strong hydrogen bonds.

"Exoheteroditopic Receptors III: Synthesis and Structural Studies on p-tert-butyl-1,3-dihydroxy-2,4-dimercaptocalix[4]arene and its Mercury Complex"

X. DELAIGUE, M. W. HOSSEINI, N. KYRITSAKAS, A. DE CIAN, J. FISCHER, J. C. S. Chem. Commun. , 609-610, 1995.

Abstract : Reaction of mercury (II) acetate with p-tert-butyl-1,3-dihydroxy-2,4-dimercaptocalix[4]arene, obtained by a highly efficient synthesis starting from p-tertbutylcalix[4]arene, leads to a mononuclear complex in which the Hg ion is linearly coordinated to two arenethiolate groups.

"Cryptand[222] Revisited: Simultaneous Binding ob Boron and Alkaline Cations by a Pseudocryptand"

E. GRAF, M. W. HOSSEINI, R. RUPPERT, N. KYRITSAKAS, A. DE CIAN, J. FISCHER, C. ESTOUNES, F. TAULELLE, Angewandte Chemie, 34, 1115-1117, 1995.

Abstract : A synthetic analogue of the natural antibiotic Boromycin is described. The negatively charged pseudocryptand 2 possessing a spiroborate moiety binds the potassium cation with the highest stability this far observed for synthetic receptors. Furthermore, compound 2 displays high selectivty for potassium versus other alkaline cations.

"One-pot Synthesis and X-Ray Studies on Cyclic Oligobipyridines and one of their Dinuclear Ruthenium Complex"

C. KAES, M. W. HOSSEINI, R. RUPPERT, A. DE CIAN, J. FISCHER, J. C. S. Chem. Commun 1995, 1445-1446 .

Abstract : A one pot synthesis of three new macrocycles containing two, three or four 2,2'-bipyridine units is described. The X-ray analysis of the bis-bipyridine ligand reveals a cyclophane type structure. The X-ray structure of one of the diastereoisomers of the dinuclear ruthenium complex is also described and shows two metal centres hold in close proximity .

"Simultaneous Binding of Boron and Ammonium Cation by a Pseudocryptand: Synthesis, X-Ray Analysis, and Solution Studies by NMR Spectroscopy"

E. GRAF, M. W. HOSSEINI, R. RUPPERT, A. DE CIAN, J. FISCHER, J. C. S. Chem. Commun 1995, 1505-1506.

Abstract : Enantiomeric differentiation of chiral borocryptates using NMR spectroscopy in chiral liquid crystalline medium was achieved using different NMR probes localised both on the receptor and on the substrate. The observed chirality at the substrate was described as being induced by the spiroborate junction and mediated by the peristatic chirality of the cavity.