Welcome to MSM lab

We use molecular dynamics simulations to simulate complex chemical systems in solution such as supramolecular assemblies, heterogeneous solutions (mixture of aqueous and non-aqueous solvents, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents), liquid-liquid interfaces and biochemical systems, to obtain nanoscopic views of their structures and environments. These studies help for a better understanding of these dynamic systems in particularly in the context of molecular recognition, transport, supramolecular organization and assembly.



Pr. Rachel Schurhammer
Laboratoire de Modélisation et Simulations Moléculaires
UMR 7140-Chimie de la Matière Complexe
Institut Le Bel - 4, rue Blaise Pascal, CS 90032
FR-67081 Strasbourg Cedex
Tél : +33 (0)3 68 85 15 51