Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry of Interactions and Systems

Laboratory Director

Dr. Emmanuelle LEIZE-WAGNER

Senior Scientist DR CNRS

emmanuelle Leize-Wagner

Presentation of the Laboratory

LSMIS's research activities are focussed on the development of mass spectrometry to the study of biomolecules with:

A. one hand the development of mass spectrometry to improve the structural and dynamic study of supramolecular systems in chemistry (supramolecular chemistry) and biology (protein complexes) with the determination of their stoichiometry, their stability constants, their interaction areas ("cross-linking"), and that working on increasingly heavy systems (several million Dalton) and on increasingly small sample amounts (a few picomoles).

B. secondly the development of mass spectrometry to improve the detailed characterization of proteins and their molecular environment (lipids). These studies are conducted on both the water-soluble proteins as membrane proteins and developed protocols comprise both methods for separating peptides that protein digestion protocols. In this context, we have developed over the last few years new mass spectrometry strategies primarily based on: i) the development of a new coupling of capillary electrophoresis with mass spectrometry (CE-MS) ii) the development of new computational approaches based on artificial evolution to exploit massively parallel data obtained by proteomic analysis and iii) the development of the coupling of thin layer chromatography with mass spectrometry (TLC-MS).

These developments are divided into five main research areas :