Relevant biological questions

  • Analyses of enzyme mechanisms

  • Comparative studies of enzymes from different organisms

  • Coupling between electron transfer and proton translocation

  • Protonation state of specific residues and cofactors

  • Conformational changes ocurring upon redox reaction or temperature increase

  • Protein / protein, protein / lipids, protéine / métals interactions

Studied proteins

  • Membrane proteins from the respiratory chain (NADH-ubiquinone oxydoreductase or complex I, succinate-ubiquinone oxydoreductase or complex II, ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxydoreductase or complex III, cytochrome c oxidase or complex IV)

  • Adrenodoxin / Adrenodoxin reductase

  • Hemocyanin

  • β-Amyloïds