The Laboratory of Synthesis and Functions of Molecular Architectures was created in 2020 after Molecular Chemistry was reorganized within the UMR 7140. It comprises 9 permanent members:

         Dr. L. Barloy (CR, CNRS)

Dr. S. Baudron (DR, CNRS)

Prof. V. Bulach (Unistra)

Prof. S. Ferlay (Unistra, responsable d’équipe)

A. Fluck (AI, Unistra)

Prof. M. Henry (Emérite, Unistra)

Dr. C. Huguenard (MdC, Unistra)

Dr. A. Jouaiti (CR, CNRS)

Dr. P. Mobian (MdC, Unistra)


who are localized on the 5th and 6th floors of the Institut Le Bel.


The scientific activity of the team focuses on molecular chemistry.


Among the emerging scientific themes, it is worth mentioning:

-         redox properties of MOFs, e.g. based on titanium or on non-innocents ligands

-         optical properties of MOFs 

-         applications of molecular architectures in biology : encapsulation of drugs by Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES), anticancer agents based on Ti complexes

-         chiral properties of molecular assemblies  (MOFs, cages, etc.) for enantioselective catalysis and gas sensing